The Versatility of Depends Incontinence Products

The Versatility of Depends Incontinence Products

A countless number of men and women of all ages rely on incontinence products. This is why Depends adult diapers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes for the greatest amount of comfort and convenience. As a result, those dealing with incontinence can purchase the product that best suits their individual needs. With professional health resources and the appropriate products, you will be able to manage incontinence much easier than you may have first anticipated.

Most people with incontinence problems worry about having accidents in public. Depends products ensure a customized fit and maximum absorbency so that leaks are prevented. In addition, the adult diapers or pads are discreet allowing individuals to easily conceal these incontinence products underneath their clothing.

When shopping for Depends products, you will find that there are products made specifically for men and others designed for women. Many of the products can be worn by either sex, and most include elastic bands that allow the adult diaper to fit individuals with hips up to 65 inches. Many of the products include buttons or Velcro straps, which makes them easier to remove and to replace with a clean pad. If you prefer a product that feels more like traditional underwear, there are Depends underwear style incontinence products that are either adjustable or come in a one-size-fits-all variety.

Depends Guards are designed for men living with incontinence problems. These products are conformed to the body so that leaks are prevented. The unique design wicks urine away from the skin preventing skin irritation and infection. Like all Depends products, the outer fabric is breathable to maximize comfort and to reduce the risk of developing skin rashes.

To find the incontinence control product that will best suit your needs, consider the level of incontinence you experience. Products are designed to hold varying amounts of liquid. You might also consider purchasing two varieties of adult diapers or pads for day and night use. For instance, if you experience incontinence more at night, you may need a more absorbent adult diaper during the night, but a lighter pad during the day. Incontinence liners and pads are more absorbent than ever and may be all that you need. Other individuals will find that the higher absorbency adult diapers offer more reliable protection. It is also important to consider what style will provide the most convenience. Consider all of the many options to determine what product will be easiest for you to change out of and will ensure optimum comfort, reliability, and convenience.