The Morgan Silver Dollar and 3 Other Coins of Note

The Morgan Silver Dollar and 3 Other Coins of Note

Coins minted by the U.S. Government prior to World War II are always gaining in value. They have become not only collector’s items but also a symbol of a time when precious metals stood for real value and hard currency. Instead of a piece of paper that can lose value at any moment, silver dollars are real and today highly valuable. A great example is the Morgan silver dollar, first minted in 1878 and a legend ever since. Along with these 3 other coins, the Morgan is the perfect introduction to the hobby of coin collecting.

1. The Liberty Seated Heraldic Eagle Dollar: This coin, first minted in 1840, is a rare item that would be a feather in the cap of any collector. It was the last dollar that was minted before production of the Morgan began in 1873. It was a 90% silver coin with a design by Christian Gobrecht. Weighing just over 3/4 of an ounce, it was produced in four U.S. mints of the era.

2. Trade Dollars: Produced for circulation in the Far East starting in 1873, these trade dollars were considered a tool for overseas money exchange and were made in the same weight as the standard silver dollars. It is a curiosity in many ways, as collectors didn’t see it coming up until the first decade of the 20th century. Production ceased in 1885.

3. 1804 Silver Dollars: How valuable can a coin be? The 1804 Original that sold in 1999 went for over $4 million at auction. Of this type, only 8 exist that are known of in the entire world. Coins with an alternate striking (known as second reverse), though not as valuable, are just as rare, with a population of 7 extant. The rarity of these coins accounts for their spectacular value, as well as the circumstances of their production.

4. Morgan Silver Dollar: This silver dollar followed the Liberty Seated Heraldic model in the 1870’s and continued to be minted until 1921. Some of the rare Morgan specimens have been known to command a very high premium because of their proof-like quality. These coins have a reflective quality that is extremely rare among their kind.

Any collector should consider these coins a great find, no matter the size of the collection. Morgan silver dollar coins continue to represent a popular target for collectors both new and old. Consider an investment carefully and make sure a coin is genuine before purchasing it.