The Benefits of Using an External Catheter

The Benefits of Using an External Catheter

Let’s face it, the idea of sticking anything in your penis is not appealing, and that’s regardless of medical problems.  This is why many men forgo the Foley catheter, and instead reach for the external catheter—an experience that is more like putting on a condom than a scary medical procedure. 

The condom catheter drains the bladder of urine, but does not require insertion.  Rather, it is fitted to the penis like a condom and then connected to a drainage bag.  The bag rests (by strap) on a man’s leg.  How does the catheter stay on?  (After all, condoms aren’t exactly known for their stability)  These condoms are adhesively lined, so they are more like band-aids than actual Trojans, which have internal lubrication. 

An external catheter can be made from a variety of materials, but that usually includes silicone, rubber, and polyvinyl.  (Latex is avoided due to allergic reactions that some men have.)  Not only is the idea of the external condom catheter appealing, but it is also considered safer to use than an internal catheter.  Why?  Because there is no risk of infection or trauma happening!  Sadly, many men injure themselves because of misunderstanding (or never seeking) a doctor’s advice on how to use a regular catheter.

An external catheter comes in a variety of sizes, according to girth.  Relax boys, there is no need to be concerned with length.  These catheters are only fitted for girth, as the entire system must ensure that there is no leakage and that the urine goes out the bottom valve only. 

These devices are quite common today, but not only because of infirmity or sickness.  Sometimes, those who are recovering from prostate surgery may require drainage until the body can recover.  It is also commonly used to help urinary incontinence.  You can read more about urinary drainage from a medical site, or you can shop online for affordable catheters, of many different varieties.  You can look for condom catheters that have double sided adhesives, jockey type straps, foam straps or even inflatable cuffs.

While urinary incontinence is an unappealing subject, it is very important to address this issue, whether you need assistance or if you are taking care of someone who has this problem.  The external catheter is good news for men that cringe at the idea of penile insertion.  The common condom catheter is for temporary use only, and must not be reused.  Fortunately, you can get these safe and comfortable-feeling products from an online store for a low price!