Siebel CTI Integration Can Make the Difference

Siebel CTI Integration Can Make the Difference

While he is probably now most notably known as the man who introduced Sarah Palin to the world at the Republican National Convention in 2008 (or unleashed depending upon your political proclivity), Thomas Siebel was a tech superstar before the world could pronounce Palin. An executive at Oracle, Siebel left the giant to form Siebel Systems, a customer relations management software system that became the fastest growing company in the United States in the mid-1990s. The company which helped businesses organize its sales data was so popular and revolutionary that Siebel’s former bosses at Oracle acquired the new business making Siebel a multi-millionaire. While cornering the customer service technology mantel is a boat that has sailed you too can profit from Siebel’s genius by engaging in a Siebel CTI Integration. Doing this could greatly improve your business bottom line.

Siebel CTI Integration is a Game Changer

Those who live among software scoops in the tech world already know about the benefits of Siebel CTI Integration. But for the uninitiated let us take a step back and explain what that phrase means. Siebel CTI integration is exactly what it says, a way to integrate your computer telephony software and applications with your customer relations management software or applications. Melding the two can create a customer service juggernaut that can decrease your agent’s call times and increase your business bottom line. Combining these two management systems can mean a game changer for your small, mid-size or large business.

Siebel CTI Integration Offer Many Options

With the Siebel CTI Integration your sales agents could handle calls more efficiency shaving as much as 20 seconds off each call. When a customer calls the newly integrated system, the system integration software pulls data from your Siebel customer relations management database that will allow your customer service agents to know who is calling, his or her location and the customer’s historical relationship with the company. All this helps to customize the caller’s interaction with the company which helps to make it a more pleasant experience, less corporate and more personal. Your customer call center will gain efficiency, decrease frustrated call incidents, offer real solution to customer’s problems and leave the customer with a better experience. From the inbound and outbound telephone routing to the instant data screen populations Siebel CTI Integration has been called a wonderful path toward a competitive edge.