Oakley Bags for Cross Country Bikers

Oakley Bags for Cross Country Bikers

Oakley bags can be designed for specific sports. Each bag is created in such a way that it allows enough room to carry all of the needed gear for your sport. The Oakley Tool Pocket Backpack is designed completely for cross-country bikers. The backpack was created to be lightweight and comfortable to wear over long distances. You will not feel weighed down or feel drag or worry about losing balance when going around tight corners. The Tool Pocket Backpack will stay in place. The dimensions of this backpack are 16 inches by 9 inches x 2.5 inches.

Oakley bags think of everything that you will need or could desire. The Tool Pocket Backpack has a removable waist strap, so you have the option of taking this off or leaving it on if you want to use. You are not forced to use the waist strap, like with other backpacks. There is a built in pocket to hold your water. It can handle up to seventy ounces and comes with a shut-off bite valve and magnetic tube trap.

When you are not on your bike, there is a cradle panel included to be able to carry your bike helmet. There is a bottle opener one of the zipper pulls. The sternum strap is adjustable and includes a whistle for emergencies.

Additional features of the Oakley Tool Pocket Backpack include storage for your wallet and keys. There is even enough room in this backpack to hold a spare tire and air pump. On the front of the backpack, there is room to hold all the tools you might need for your bike. If you have a cell phone or portable media player you like to take on long bike rides, there is a compartment on the shoulder strap for that, too. Just put the media player in the pocket and run the headphone cord to your ears.

Oakley bags also available in a slightly larger version called the Oakley Tool Pouch Backpack for those of you that need to be able to carry more without adding additional bulk. This backpack will hold everything the other one does and more. The dimensions on this backpack are 17 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches. This larger version has enough room to hold a change of clothes or a thermal blanket, or even a small portable tent. Oakley offers backpacks for cross-country bikers that meet their needs.