New Changes to Standards for Southern California Solar

New Changes to Standards for Southern California Solar

Effective January 1, 2014, the California Energy Commission (CEC) has required that all new homes and buildings (both commercial, industrial and mixed-use) will have to be outfitted with a solar ready roof. Keeping in line with the recent 4-0 vote for the bill, the CEC made history by securing the standards that govern home building in an effort to increase energy efficiency and encourage the use of renewable energy sources

So, what do the changes mean for you? Well, in Southern California, solar energy is already incredibly well known and widely used, but it could always be better. What the CEC is proposing is that when a building undergoes a renovation that requires a permit, that a host of changes be made to the structure and interior of the building in order to facilitate the installation of renewable energy sources like a solar energy system. 

For homeowners in San Diego, solar power will now be more accessible than ever, allowing them to subvert the process of a roof assessment, which is done by a structural engineer prior to the installation of the system. This saves homeowners time and money, and puts the onus on builders and contractors, making them directly responsible for maintaining the status quo.

According to the information from the bill, currently being called Title 24, the new requirements will actually reduce monthly utility bills by $27 per month. Therefore, you’re saving money before you’re even officially moved in! Although California saw a bit of a slump in the housing market in general in 2011, it is said that energy efficient installations are an incredible selling feature and are set to break records in 2012. Not only is this a strategic and well-planned move on behalf of the CEC, but it also sets the bar incredibly high for other states to take notice and join in.

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