Getting Foley Catheter Supplies

Getting Foley Catheter Supplies

If you have to get Foley catheter supplies, chances are that you'll need quite a large supply for the length of an average treatment. There are numerous different conditions that a Foley catheter may be required to treat correctly. These are oftentimes used after surgeries that involve the urinary tract and, in some cases, they are used simply because someone has a hard time urinating and the Foley catheter enables them to fully clear their bladder when their body cannot.

How They Are Used

A Foley catheter is an indwelling catheter. It is left in the bladder after being installed, according to the directions of a doctor. They have to be removed and replaced after a time, so it is usually best to make sure that you have a good supply on hand if your treatment is ongoing or if you are using one of these devices to cope with a long-term problem urinating.

It takes some training to learn how to install a catheter correctly and it will be difficult to do the first few times. The doctor or nurse will assist you the first few times you have to do it but, once you learn to complete this procedure on your own, you shouldn’t find it terribly difficult. The discomfort passes as the procedure is completed a few times.

After the device is installed, it is hooked up to a bag or to an outlet device so that the urine can drain out of the bladder correctly and so that proper flow is maintained. For those who have difficultly urinating, this can make life a lot easier. Especially in cases where urination cannot be completed normally, it makes it possible for individuals to not have to worry that they're going to have accidents after they've completed going to the bathroom.

Getting Supplies

Medical news sites have a lot of information about ordering medical supplies online these days. This is because the costs are much lower and, for some individuals, it's much more affordable for them to have their supplies shipped to their houses. For individuals that are convalescing, it is also much more practical, as they don't have to run errands that may be exhausting when they're getting over surgery. If you need these supplies, you can usually order a lot of them from a medical supplier and have them on hand in your home so you can rest up and heal without worrying about running out.