Biofreeze and Massage Therapy

Biofreeze and Massage Therapy

Biofreeze, the pain relieving topical formula, is actually used in massage treatment.  Did you know that there are entire manuals that detail how to use this topical gel with massage technique?  Massage therapy is, by itself, an effective means of pain relief.  Numerous studies have shown that massage can help to alleviate pains and lead to internal and eventually external healing. 

Now, combine massage technique with a topical cream like Biofreeze and you can really feel the benefits.  This medication works through a process called cryotherapy, which is similar to icepack therapy.  In this case, the medication goes through the skin to the deepest layer and starts a “counter-irritant effect.”  The powerful analgesic solution overrides noxious pain signals that travel to the brain. 

The herbal ingredient of Biofreeze, Ilex, along with menthol (the second highest concentration ingredient) can help a patient to experience relief from pain for short periods of time (approximately five hours).  This proves very helpful, not only for rehabilitative therapy, but also for chronic pain associated with muscle or nerve problems.  Sufferers of arthritis are often given this topical gel, and also advised to consider massage therapy.  It is a safe alternative to constantly taking oral medications.  It goes very well with the massage, as it provides a feeling of cold comfort; for the best results warm your skin before application.  (This can be done through a hot shower or the massage therapist preparing your skin with a warming technique) 

This medication is available in gel form, which goes well with massage, as well as in roll on form, spray and even wipes.  The formula is so powerful it works within moments of touching the skin, essentially putting the pained area to sleep with ice therapy.  This medication is not considered prescription strength, and thus it can be ordered online. 

The company that makes Biofreeze products has humble beginnings dating back to 1991.  The creator pursued an analgesic herbal product that would help a close relative manage arthritis pain.  The blend originally used was menthol, Ilex and other inactive ingredients.  To this day, the topical solution remains a safe alternative to other medications. 

The cooling formula can help comfort sore muscles and sprains and reduce aches all over the body.  Though the company was later sold in 2006, it continues to serve the healthcare industry, providing doctors with one of the most trusted blends in the medical and herbal industry.  For more on pain relief, keep up with the latest health news or visit a health care provider who works with pain management.