5 tasty dishes you can learn to make at a culinary arts college

5 tasty dishes you can learn to make at a culinary arts college

 Is your favorite room in the house your kitchen? If your answer is an emphatic "yes!" then you probably are very passionate about cooking.  If you are looking to make a career in the exciting world of gourmet cuisine then you need to enroll into a culinary arts college which will help you hone your skills and make you ready to face the challenges of the food and beverage industry. A degree in culinary arts will give wings to your dreams of becoming a famous chef and eventually owning your own restaurant. In a good culinary school you can expect to learn and perfect some of the famous international cuisines and cooking styles.

1. Bouillabaisse – Traditional French Stew
This French classic is a staple of any good culinary arts college. The Bouillabaisse is traditional French fish stew made popular the world over. What makes it special is the use of simple ingredients like potatoes, fish, olive oil and onions and yet it is good enough to be served in a Michelin star restaurant. In a culinary arts college you will get to learn the secrets of making this famous French heart warmer. 

2. Black Forest Gateau – Layered Chocolate Cake
You are not a pâtissier unless you know how to make this famous German work of art. This divine layered cake has won many a heart throughout the world. In a culinary arts college you will get to know how to work with the right quantities of ingredients so that you get a moist sponge that is absolutely necessary for this indulgent dessert. Whipped cream and cherries make it an extra special treat.

3. Gelato – Handmade ice cream
Learn the art of making this delicious frozen delicacy. At a culinary arts college, gelato making is most likely to be in the curriculum. You will get to know the exact ratio of milk and cream required to achieve that perfectly smooth gelato. Run your imagination wild with the kind of flavors combinations that can be used to make your very own unique gelato flavor. The gelato making skills that you will learn at a culinary art college will certainly make you famous amongst your friends and family.

4. Hand Tossed Pizza
Who doesn’t like this Italian favorite? With so many pizza places mushrooming all over the world it will be real nice if you knew how to make one yourself. As a student in a culinary school you will learn how to prepare various styles of pizzas, from the classic Sicilian to the more indulgent Chicago deep dish. If you fancy opening a pizzeria then a good culinary arts college will certainly show you the way.

5. Cheesecake
A favorite dessert, cheesecake is loved by people of all ages. Wonderfully soft cheese and a crisp crust at the bottom make it a popular dessert choice. Like most desserts a cheesecake is truly exceptional to eat but not quite easy to make. No worries, a culinary arts college will surely teach you the art of making a perfect cheesecake. After all there is no better way to finish off a fabulous meal than to have a slice of this decadent dessert.

If you want to work as a professional chef then the best place to start will be at a culinary arts college. You will not only learn the art of food preparation there, but also how to manage a professional kitchen, plan menus and establish your own successful culinary career. So let a culinary arts college help you bring the magic out of your home kitchen and make your culinary dreams come alive.