10 Ideas for DIY Backyard Design

10 Ideas for DIY Backyard Design

Your back yard is an extension of your home, so it is important to add value and luxury to this space. Here are ten ideas that homeowners can do on their own to take a back yard from an empty expense to an enjoyable outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are trendy and practical. Instead of a simple barbecue grill on the deck or patio, outdoor kitchens can include all of the features of an indoor kitchen. They feature stove top ranges, refrigerators, sinks and storage for plates and platters in addition to the barbecue. Take your parties outside with ease with an outdoor kitchen your proud to have made yourself.


A small backyard greenhouse can help you to grow beautiful flowers, plants and vegetables in an environment free of harsh weather or pests. This project can be completed for very little money, and does not require a large amount of space. It is a great option for any gardening enthusiast.

LED Lighting

Give your back yard night time appeal with a customized lighting system that you installed yourself. LED lights use little energy but illuminate effectively. They come in a broad range from porch lights to decorative accent lights and can be easily installed for everyday or occasional use.

Storage Shed

Give all of your outdoor tools and lawn-care items a home in a hand-crafted storage shed. A backyard storage shed is an attractive and practical addition for most homes, and it frees room in the garage or basement for other purposes.


Gazebos, a gorgeous addition to larger back yards, offer covered seating for picnics and parties. Providing shade and shelter a gazebo will be a favorite outdoor spot for study, board games and much more! A variety of gazebo kits are available to help make do-it-yourself projects easier for homeowners.

Swing Set

Perfect for family homes, a swing set turns your outdoor space into a playground. Your children will enjoy a swing set for several years, so choose kits with durable materials. If you decide to sell your home, remember that swing sets are a feature that home buyers routinely look for when they have small children of their own.

Deck or Patio

A deck or patio can give layers of usable space to your back yard. The porch or patio can be outdoor seating or the home of your barbecue grill. Choose from hardwood boards or or vinyl, which protect from water damage, fading and splintering.

Garden Pond

Create a unique pond in your back yard where koi, frogs and other creatures can live all year round. Skilled do-it-yourself homeowners can incorporate a waterfall or a fountain for added appeal. This project brings serenity and interest to a back yard.


Enclose your back yard to keep your children and pets safely enclosed or create a private oasis for the entire family to enjoy. There is a wide range of choices for fencing, including traditional lumber, chain-link and split rail fences. Newer options include vinyl , which is resistant to fading, rot and

Fire Pit

Heat things up with a fire pit in your back yard. Arrange a seating area around the pit so you and your guests can enjoy the cozy glow and warmth. Fire pits make your backyard living space usable long before and after the summer months bring warm weather.

Paved Walkway

If your yard is large or packed with features, a walkway will make it easy to travel from one destination to the next. Paved walkways reduce the hassles of mowing around stepping stones and the weed troubles of brick or tile.